Monday, June 27, 2011

Both Juggs Blazing...

Stephanie Robinette, (shown above) apparently got white girl wasted to the max, punched her husband in the face about fifty-eleven times times and then locked herself in her car. But wait, there's more, as if that wasn't enough when the police officers attempted to remove her from the vehicle, she "warned" the deputies that she was a breast feeding this point if you are one of the officers on sight you would have to ask yourself, "Why would she say something like..?" after the warning she then proceeded to remove her right breast from her dress and began spraying the officers with her breast milk. After hosing down have of the Delaware, OH police force she was taking into custody and arrested and charged with domestic violence, assault, obstructing official business, resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Seriously for a teacher, this yotch knows how to fucking party.
I will be sure to put her on my guest list for my wedding and any other wedding I attend for that matter..

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wild in the Streets

Death Grip - Guillitone(It goes yah)

So if Kimbo Slice and Sean Price had a baby(no homo) and Kool Keith was their babysitter it would be this guy... I definitely have an affinity for the eccentric and bizarre and Death Grip is not exception to the rule. I love this video; it is simple yet wyld enough to hold your attention. I hope to be hearing a lot more from this young man in the near future but in the mean time in enjoy this video and go here to download Death Grip's latest mixtape entitled Exmilitary.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier

Today the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts opened their new exhibit "The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier". Below is a snippet of the interview which was conducted with Jean Paul by Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony. The full interview is pretty comprehensive with lots of photos, videos, and subject matter dating back to Jean Paul's earlier days in fashion. Enjoy.

Happy belated birthday! What did you do to celebrate?
Thank you. I am on this detox diet at the moment, so I couldn’t even have my birthday cake – I just had a tiny slice.
What was your favorite birthday party of all time?
I don’t usually make a big fuss of my birthdays; it is something private and intimate. I did have a party for my fiftieth birthday, and I arrived in drag.

This year also marks the 35th anniversary of your first runway collection. And despite nearly 4 decades in the industry, your designs continue to feel new and fresh. How do you seek inspiration?
Inspiration is never a problem; I usually have too much of it. I sometimes want to say too many things at once. Everything I see can inspire me: the cinema, theater, music.

With Jean Paul Gaultier, you have cultivated a brand in a way that hadn’t been done previously, using a lifestyle approach that explored markets beyond standard ready-to-wear. How did this 360-degree view of fashion–which included home design, children’s wear, and beauty–come about? Did you learn about branding from your apprenticeship with Pierre Cardin at age 18?
No, I learned about freedom from Mr. Cardin. There was an absolute freedom in his studio. I would give him a drawing of an outfit, and he would say, “Great, you can do that now as furniture”. I worked for him in 1970, and he had just opened a theater, but he also did his shows there. He had assistants from all over the world–it was the first time I tried Japanese food with my colleagues from work. It was a great time, and it taught me that you have to have a free spirit to succeed.

Check out the entire article here

Ryan Dunn is well.... done...

Ryan Dunn of Jackass fame died in a fiery car crash around 3 a.m. this morning in West Chester, Pa. West Goshen Township. The crash killed Ryan and an unknown passenger who were both severely burned. The police stated that they wear able to identify Ryan via his hair and his tattoos. West Goshen Police stated that, the force of impact shattered the Porsche 911 GT3 into several twisted and blackened pieces, leaving the car unrecognizable except for a door that was thrown from the crash and not incinerated...

Full story.... Here

Honestly, I was super bummed when I heard the news, however, after seeing this photo below and being informed that it was due to driving while intoxicated I am actually not to sad about it. I do admit a loss of a life is never deserved, however, his irresponsibility cost him his life, his friend's life, and his family and friends a lot of heartache. Seriously, how many after school specials need to be made before people get the point. Drinking and driving is not where near cool or being a good idea. Know your limits and take responsibility for your actions. Sucks that he's dead but that's what you get for being a jackass...


Seriously, this video never gets old...

Sunday, June 19, 2011

When keeping it Caucasian goes wrong....

This is from a party at Casa Marina a couple weeks ago. Some random "young lady" had waay too many and decided she wanted to a cut a rug like it's never been cut before.. The establishment had hard-wood floors... Enjoy.

Hurra Torpedo = Amazing!

Peste Noire - L'Ordure a L'etat Pur

The latest album from France's very one Peste Noire is definitely an album to check out. For fans of Peste Noire you will notice that this album way more eclectic than their previous releases... almost to the point of being scatterbrained. However, the songs are composed extremely well per usual which makes for a good listen. If this is your first time being exposed to the band prepare to hear a mixture of musical elements, which flow like liquid yet on paper would be deemed as impossible or even ridiculous. Have a listen and you be the judge.

For more info: La Mesnie Herlequin

Shout out to Jav

Mellowhype - "64"

"64" is the another unconventional visual offering from the Odd Future camp. Left Brain and Hodgy Beats (Mellowhype) present a visually haunting masterpiece for the first single off BLACKENEDWHITE a previously recorded album which is soon to be re-released on July 12, 2011. Definitely not an album you would want to sleep on... Ahhh!!


Come celebrate the official launch of Still Ill Clothing one of Jacksonville's Premier Streetwear Companies. Still Ill is an up and coming streetwear clothing line that has been turning a lot of heads within the past year half. If you're going to be in or around the Jacksonville, Florida area you should definitely roll out to this party!


Brand New Still Ill Designs & Colorways (#SWAG)

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July 1st @9PM

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Jackonville, Florida

Sound Check Records

If you're in the area head on over to SoundCheck Records in West Hollywood. This is a solid ass record store owned by Mick Morris (Eighteen Visions and Dethless Clothing) amongst others. SoundCheck features CDs, Vinyl, rare/exclusively designed shirts, and DVDs from all artists spanning the spectrum of the metal/underground rock genres. And for those of you who cannot venture over to West Hollywood, you can hit them up on bookface @ Sound Check Records - Hollywood or here Sound Check. Also !!!, Get into this shit they have two fully restored, timeless arcade pinball machines: GUNS N ROSES and WWF ROYAL RUMBLE, which are both totally free for customers. Stop reading and go record shopping...

8872 Sunset Blvd,
West Hollywood, Ca 90069
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