Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hungry Hungry Hippos..? Seriously?

While trolling though the internet I ran across this gem, which has firmly backed my theory that Hollywood has completely ran out of ideas. Fortunately, it is not another remake or reboot of a franchise; however, we have now progressed to the personification of children's board games. I present to you Hungry, Hungry, Hippos. Now don't get me wrong I will more than likely see this film because I adore terrible movies, however, you have to examine the state of cinema when your only options are a remake or a genetically enhanced board game. To me the clearly screams, "Houston we have a problem...!” Alas, I can only hope this is a masterpiece like Frankenfish or the Piranha 3D movies....
In the interim check out this faux trailer Film School Rejects, they set the premise as the hippos are part of hidden genetic experiments that took place in Luangwa River in Zambia. A crew of military officers and journalists set out on a mission to expose the truth behind the experiments. Not too bad of storyline, however, I am sure the actual script and story will be worse. I can only hope that it will at least be extremely gory making it a bitter/sweet pill to swallow.