Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"I felt like I was on Mortal Kombat..."

25-year-old Shi'dea Lane from Cleveland finally speaks out about the events that took place on the morning of September 18th. In this video she states that she was looking for change to pay the bus fair, however, 59-year-old Rock'em Sock'em Artis Hughes, of East Cleveland was under the impression she did not have money. Shortly thereafter the situation escalated.  This interview explains just about everything from her point of view; in addition to, reiterating the severity of the situation. One interesting aspect to this video is that the interviewer asks, "What can you say about your roll in this, did you hit him..?” Shi'dea stutters a bit and totally avoids the question stating that she did not want to discuss that until she met with her lawyer. Smart move on her part but I do not think that she realizes there is a video being shown all over the world that clearly depicting her throwing the first punch. 
I do not support violence against women by any means but when you put your hands on someone you have to be ready to except consequences. 
As clearly represented in this video some people do believe in "Equal rights, Equal fights". 
I wonder if Eli Roth or Paul Rodriguez is going to make a movie about this video too..? Maybe he can team up the Bus Driver (Artis Hughes) with the Veteran (Tom Slick) and have them teach discipline through violence to unruly people bus patrons….
He can title it "The Motherfucker and the Uppercutter"
Hmm...I should copyright this just in case.

By the way, why is it that no one is upset about this video..?